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Sponsored DX-Peditions

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General Information

Our club members vote on which DX-peditions or Special Projects to sponsor each year during our normal scheduled meetings. See the following link for the approval process.


Sponsored DX-Peditions/Special Projects

The following are DX-Peditions or Special Projects that NCDXA has sponsored:

Crozet Island December 2022
[FT8WW Logo]
T30GC Tarawa Island - October 2019
[Kiribati Flag]
Website at:
3B7M St. Brandon DXpedition December 2022
[3B7M Logo]
Website at:
TN8K Congo DXpedition December 2022
[TN8K banner]
VP6R Pitcairn Island October 2019
[VP6R Logo]
VP6D Ducie Island October 2018
[VP6D Logo]
Website at:
KH1/KH7Z Baker Island June 2018
[KH7Z Logo]
Amsterdam Island January 2014
[Amsterdam Island 2014]

Midway October 2009
[Midway 2009]

Glorioso 2009

Willis Island October 2008

Glorioso May/June 2008

Duice Island february 2008

Scarborough reef April 2007

Swains Island 2007

Libya 2006

Laccadive (Lakshadweep) 2006

Kure Atoll Sep/Oct 2005